RFP: Radiant Expansion & Deployment on Scroll

Point of Contact: [Jojo Zhou, E-mail: jojo@scroll.io]


This proposal is created to further support the mission of an omnichain money market. We propose to the Radiant community to authorize the deployment of Radiant V2 on Scroll mainnet, which is aiming to launch in Q3 2023.

  • Scroll is a bytecode-compatible zk-Rollup—a native zkEVM scaling solution for Ethereum. Scroll started out from and continues to work closely with the Ethereum Foundation - built with the community, for the community!
  • Deploying to Scroll bears many benefits, such as significant cost savings for users, overall user base growth, proactively capturing a share of zkEVM market, and fostering L2 native innovation.


Radiant being deployed on multiple Ethereum L2s is integral for encouraging and accelerating the vision of an omnichain money market.

  • This deployment positions Radiant as an early mover and captures a rapidly growing market as the Ethereum ecosystem gradually shifts to zkEVMs.
  • We plan to have liquid staking ETH as lendable assets on Radiant and we will have liquid staking protocols such as Lido, Rocket Pool, Swell, etc.
  • Radiant on Scroll will integrate closely with Scroll’s rapidly growing ecosystem, and opens Radiant to a new user base. Dozens of projects have committed to deploying on our mainnet, and many are deployed on our testnet: AAVE, Uniswap, the Graph, Safe, Layerzero, and Etherscan. Given the excitement around Scroll and the current usage of our testnet, we expect hundreds of projects to deploy on our mainnet post-launch.
  • Importantly, Radiant V2 on Scroll will propel L2 DeFi innovation. We are on the brink of uncovering L2 native use cases that have not been feasible on Ethereum L1. Scroll will bring new developers and ecosystem integrations to Radiant.


We believe that Radiant’s community and the ecosystem that Scroll strives for are closely aligned. Both projects are building trustless, decentralized, and secure infrastructure accessible to anyone, regardless of merit or location. Both projects are also building use cases with real utility for the future and longevity of DeFi, to potentially onboard the next billions of users.

Additional information for cross-chain deployments

Our focus has always been on providing the best possible experience for developers, and we have successfully delivered on this promise on our testnet, which we will continue to do on mainnet. We are proud to say that we are bytecode-compatible, meaning that migrating dApps from any EVM chain is easy and hassle-free.

  • Bytecode-compatible: Scroll uses a forked version of Geth, enabling seamless infrastructure migration. Scroll has one of the most familiar developer experiences outside Ethereum, and dApps can port over seamlessly.
  • Developer-friendly: Scroll will support all existing development tools, including debuggers. Developers can work with a familiar development environment. No bytecode re-audits will be required, minimizing the risk surface tremendously.
  • Security: Scroll inherits most of EVM’s features and security, which is by far the most battle-tested smart contract infrastructure in the entire space.
  • Decentralization: Scroll is leading the way in developing a decentralized prover network and has already committed to outsourcing proving. By decentralizing proof generation to the community, Scroll can achieve efficient proof generation and establish a more robust ecosystem.

We have always been committed to building in the open, starting from our collaboration with Ethereum Foundation’s PSE team, and we remain closely connected to the Ethereum community—in fact, our team has contributed ~50% of the upstream PSE zkEVM codebase over the past two years. Furthermore, we have been open source from day 1, have a strong in-house security team paired with rigorous audits, and are aiming to have third-party provers upon our mainnet genesis block and a gradual decentralization of our sequencer network.


  • We will meet the infrastructure dependencies Radiant needs. If approved, Radiant will launch on Scroll Mainnet shortly after LayerZero and Chainlink’s deployment.

Since we are fully compatible with EVM, it is effortless to deploy on Scroll. We expect the full deployment will take a few hours.

Steps to Implement

Given that we are bytecode-level compatible, we expect the deployment to take a few hours. The Scroll team will support the deployment every step of the way.


August 2023 - Request for Comment (RFC) Idea
August 2023 - Request for Comment (RFC) Draft
August 2023 - Live Request for Comment (RFC)
September 2023 - Implementation

Overall Cost

Given that we are bytecode compatible, the cost of deployment should be minimal.

Request For Comments

We are looking forward to receiving feedback from the community. Please limit your comments to constructive suggestions that can contribute value to the proposal. Low-value comments have the potential to harm the proposal, so it’s important to focus on constructive feedback only.

Supportive especially with the expeditious deployment time
I would also like to see the DAO considering a launch on BASE L2 in the near future too


Let it be :wink:

Glad to see the network rep suggested the extension himself.

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Excellent initiative that advances the omnichain narrative for Radiant. If expenditure is indeed minimal, then this has to be a priority on the development front once Eth mainnet deployment is successfully executed. Like others have suggested, perhaps expansion to Base could be considered in future too, given its massive TVL growth in a short time.

Def. a fat no until the chain has launched and proved itself for several months to produce blocks and working without any issues.

I have been on the scroll pre-alpha, alpha and now sepolia testnets. As a vibrant zk ecosystem i really support this expansion. Although the proposal above lacks details as to funding and any support offered by the Scroll ecosystem… this is a good proposal. OP could you consider adding more detail on how this is planned to be implemented, approximate cost to Radiant DAO, any projections of TVL. Fees etc that could be generated so that the DAO has more information before this is put to vote.

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Thank you for your reply! Scroll has been running both Goerli and Sepolia testnet successfully- please allow me to share some statistics

Goerli Testnet:
Over 100 projects have integrated with Scroll, with many more on the way. These projects have successfully finalized more than 2.6 million batches to Layer 1 (L1) with more than 47 million transactions, 9 million wallet addresses, and 4 million contracts deployed.

Sepolia Testnet (Launched in August 2023, ongoing):

  • over 5.8 million total transactions
  • over 1.3 million total blocks
  • 9 million wallet addresses

Details can be found here
More information on Sepolia

The Scroll Sepolia testnet experience will be similar to Scroll Mainnet for users and developers.
Feel free to comment or email me at jojo@scroll.io for further questions and concerns!