RFP (Idea): Dune Dashboard - Radiant V2

Posting as a draft to request feedback on the proposal, guidance from the Radiant team on costs, and which Option to send to voting.


Raidant V2 is now live and the majority of activity is happening in this protocol. There are a number of contract actions and activities that would be useful to have visibility on. This proposal is for funding a data scientist or a data science competition on Dune.com Dashboards to make a powerful & useful dashboard for the whole community. It can act as a marketing tool as well as a data science tool.


Dune.com is the industry standard for crypto dashboards. Most large protocols either have a dedicated data science team or produce dashboards that are very useful for their protocol. Some examples of great dashboards:

1Inch - 1inch - MAIN
GMX - GMX Analytics
Velodrome Airdrops - Velodrome $OP Airdrop 🚴🔴🪂

It would be a powerful marketing and community tool to create powerful and useful dashboards of the main contracts in Radiant V2. There are two proposed ways to get this done, assuming everyone on the core team is fully occupied.

  1. Find a great and available data scientist and negotiate a price for the work.
  2. Run a Dune Dashboard competition example GMX (GMX Dune Dashboard Contest. We call on all GMX supporters and Dune… | by GMX | Medium)

Each of these options can work, but the Design Competiton might stimulate the most innovative data views. The Dashboard completion would also need more management from the team in order to get the best results.

The motivation is so that it can bring awareness to the project through data, while providing a useful resource for the community.


There is currently no dashboards available for Radiant V2 on Dune and there is actually a lot of confusion because Radiant V1 dashboards exist showing a lot of liquidity leaving the protocol. It would be better to get 1 great dashboard that is highly favourited leading to more awareness from the crypto community.

Key Terms

Option 1:

The team creates a dashboard proposal. This proposal should clarify which data is to be visualised and how. The proposal can be community led or led by the Radiant team. The best examples taken from other dashboards should be copied and used as examples.

With this proposal made, it should be sent to tender to a number of Dune Dashboard creators, who should be vetted based on their previous dashboards. The team can then decide who to work with at a price that is negotiated.

A fair price might be $5000-8000.

Option 2:

Dune Dashboard Competiton. The team creates a medium post highlighting a timeframe and price they will pay for all competitors. The price paid by GMX was $12,500 and there were a total of 4 winners.

In order for the competition to be effective, the Docs need to be updated with as much information on the contracts as possible. This includes addresses, details and usecases for both Arbitrum and BSC. Then the competition participants are free to decide who data to display.

The community can vote on the outcome with Stars. And Rewards are paid on a set date.

Overall Cost

Depending on the option chosen an estimated ball park could be $5000-$12500 paid in RDNT tokens to the creators of the Dune Dashboards.

@radiant I think this is a valid proposal that would be beneficial to the community. Would you be able to give feedback or put it to a vote?

The 3 RFPs up currently have not been discussed or opened to the community before putting them on chain to a vote. Could you clearly define the process through which onchain votes occur as I feel that last 3 RFPs have skipped this process?

Thanks for putting this together @kin0! The proposal backlog is due to the voting mechanism being in flux and the lack of bandwidth from the team (full court press on v2) to do the additional post-discussion-period vetting prior to potential votes.

In that case, I am of the opinion that an RFP detailing the process for conversation making it to full proposal that we go to snapshot should be created and shared.

This will bring about ideas and more participation from those who are keen to do so.

A way for those who can not participate in the DAO to delegate their vote to someone will also be a welcome idea.