RFP-24: Change to YES Today (imho)

Today’s vote on RFP-24 isn’t just a decision for the near term, but a pivotal step towards embracing a cross-chain future full of promise.

Incentivizing Mainnet Adoption: The allocation of ARB tokens as incentives for new Mainnet dLP lockers is a strategic move aimed at kickstarting Radiant’s presence on Ethereum Mainnet. This initiative is particularly crucial for several reasons:

Boosting Initial Liquidity: At launch, liquidity is a vital metric that can significantly influence the initial traction and stability of Radiant on Mainnet. By rewarding new dLP lockers with ARB tokens, we are essentially seeding the initial liquidity required to ensure a smooth take-off on this new chain.

Attracting New Users: The ARB incentive serves as a magnet to attract a new cohort of liquidity providers who might not have participated otherwise. This not only expands our user base but also amplifies the network effect, which is crucial for the long-term sustainability and growth of Radiant across all chains.

Cross-Chain Synergy: The ARB incentive on Mainnet is not an isolated effort but part of a larger cross-chain strategy. It acts as a bridge, encouraging users to explore and interact with Radiant’s ecosystem across multiple chains, thereby nurturing a culture of cross-chain collaboration and innovation.

Demonstrating Adaptability and Innovation: By allocating ARB tokens as incentives on Mainnet, Radiant showcases its adaptability and willingness to innovate in line with the evolving DeFi landscape. It signals to the community and the broader crypto space that Radiant is proactive, responsive, and committed to delivering value across multiple blockchain networks.

This ARB allocation is more than just an incentive; it’s an investment in Radiant’s future on Mainnet and a strong statement of our ambition to continually evolve and expand in the face of a dynamically changing DeFi ecosystem.

Here’s why reconsidering your vote is vital:

  1. Immediate Impact on RDNT Value: A successful Mainnet launch, driven by incentivized long-term dLP locks, could significantly bolster the value of RDNT. Every dLP locker, old or new, stands to benefit from an uplift in RDNT’s value, creating a win-win for all.

  2. Cross-Chain Liquidity: The interoperability facilitated by Radiant’s Stargate Layer Zero is groundbreaking but currently underutilized due to the limitation of assets. Mainnet integration is the gateway to deepening cross-chain liquidity by expanding the range of assets like USDT, which can be seamlessly borrowed and moved across chains. Today, it’s USDT between Arbitrum and BNB; tomorrow, it could be a plethora of assets across numerous chains.

  3. OFT Expansion: RDNT already operates as an On-Chain Flexible Token (OFT) on Arbitrum and BNB. Mainnet integration isn’t a deviation; it’s an expansion, aligning with our ethos of fluid cross-chain operations.

  4. Future-Ready: As we eye a multichain horizon, the addition of more assets and chains is inevitable. RFP-24 is a proactive step to prepare Radiant for this inevitable evolution, ensuring we’re not just keeping pace but leading the charge.

  5. Community Collaboration: While RFP-24 outlines a specific use of ARB tokens, it also opens the door for community-driven follow-up proposals to address any residual concerns, ensuring a balanced approach to growth.

  6. Long-Term Vision: Our collective foresight can shape Radiant into a cross-chain linchpin, where liquidity, lending, and borrowing are borderless. The success on Mainnet could be a strong precedent, encouraging further interoperability and growth.

The vote today isn’t merely about RFP-24; it’s about the trajectory of Radiant. A ‘Yes’ vote isn’t just an approval of this proposal, but a nod to a future where Radiant stands tall as a multi-chain behemoth, driving innovation in the DeFi landscape. Let’s take this decisive step together for a resilient and vibrant Radiant ecosystem. Reconsider your vote on RFP-24; let’s envision and work towards a boundless cross-chain future.

Moving Forward Together: Reflecting on RFP-24

Hey Radiant fam,

The journey through RFP-24 has been nothing short of enlightening. Although it didn’t pass, the conversations it sparked showed the vibrant dynamism of viewpoints on how we balance tangible rewards and growth. I’m stoked to see how much we all care about Radiant’s evolution.

I’m still batting for the core idea of incentivizing dLP lockers on Mainnet with an ARB airdrop - great way to fuel our growth there. But hey, the concerns from many of us existing dLP lockers hit home. We’ve got skin in the game and deserve to share in the rewards of our expansion one way or another.

One idea that’s been buzzing in my head is how Uniswap’s UNI token airdrop created a big splash. They rewarded past users, and it was a home run in bringing folks together to drive engagement and organic adoption. Could we draw some inspo from that? Maybe tweak the RFP to include some love for our existing dLP lockers too?

And this is what makes our DAO awesome - we can riff on these ideas together. Got a brainwave on how to rejig the RFP? Or seen a cool incentive model on another platform? Please share! Let’s get a melting pot of ideas simmering.

Our chatter doesn’t have to hit a wall with an RFP vote. The vision of seamless cross-chain liquidity is alive and kicking. And that Mainnet launch? It’s not a matter of if, but when. And when we do hit the Mainnet, let’s hit it with a bang and a plan that has us all nodding in agreement.

Radiant’s got the tech, the vision, and a community that’s buzzing with ideas. While kinks are being worked out on the dev side, let’s make sure to pitch in by keeping the convo rolling, brainstorm our way through, and cook up a proposal that has us all feeling good.

Looking forward to the nuggets of wisdom you all bring to the table. Catch you in the discussion!

Godspeed :space_invader: