Poll (informal): Which chain do you expect will have the highest rate of growth in 2023?

Which other blockchains (besides Arbitrum & BNB Chain) should Radiant give serious consideration to?

Which chain(s) might have a breakout year in 2023, and why?

You can pick up to 2 selections on the poll; feel free respond with your comments too!

Note: this is purely informal discussion, not a binding DAO vote.

  • Avalanche
  • Cronos
  • Ethereum
  • Fantom
  • Gnosis
  • Harmony
  • Moonriver
  • Optimism
  • Polygon
  • Other

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zkSync 2 will be launching their “fair onboard alpha” first of the year. So far they have a lot of protocols on testnet, moving to mainnet but none of the large lending markets have announced that I’ve seen. Balancer will be there from the start. 2.0 is currently open to devs. There are some risks listed on the l2beat page. They pushed the launch back but were pretty clear on the front end that security would come first before they open to the general public. If it grows anywhere near arbitrum or optimism it could be a large market. Just my thoughts


I agree zkSync 2 will likely have a big 2023.

Imo 2023 is the year of rollups - both optimistics to continue and zk-rollups to breakout.



Then Polygon for 4 compelling reasons:

  • Poised to mainnet zkEVM in 2023, which will be huge on interoperability and adoption.

  • Huge dev community with non-trivial investments in Poly Academy/University, Poly Guild, Poly Village (grants, recruiting assistance…)

  • Token (currently Matic) overhaul to boost and align utility across the ecosystem.

  • God-tier DB team securing one tremendous partnership after another…


Zksync will be a winner for sure, however it is still in beta. Avalanche and polygon are my bets because of quantity of users, great marketing witj some big partnerships and also cheap and fast transactions.

Also ZkEVM for polygon will allow to keep low fees for a big rise in transactions.

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Ethereum :pray:t3:

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Indeed, ethereum should be the chain for radiant to go in first. There are many whales in ethereum, and many will try to borrow in other chains to ape.


This is the way. ETH is King (although not my personal favorite). If money is the motive - ETH should be in our playground.

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ETH should be #1 for the foreseeable future and so should be our top target for growth. After that chains that are best positioned for skSync are a compelling growth case.


I believe METIS will have the largest growth, for several reasons, as below -

  1. All other stated chain have a much larger TVL there fore % increase will be harder to achieve
  2. METIS IS working on a decentralized stable coin. Which may be part of the coming AAVE eco system
  3. METIS Will be launching DACs very soon - Decentralized Autonomous Corporations. Meaning for the first time corporations/businesses/DAOs will be able to offer full transparency on spending, payroll, voting, communications. I know of several large businesses that are looking to deploy. The implications of DAC will be massive IMO.
  4. METIS will be launching ZK soon and already offers the lowest L2 fees from what I can see.
  5. METIS Is launching reputation engine online along with decentralized storage. This tied in with the above gives a full comprehensive on chain way to manange business in a full web3 manner. A total game changer IMO

Further info Contribution and Reputation-based Governance Structure | by MetisDAO | Feb, 2023 | Medium

There are established lending platforms such as AAVE on the ETH public chain. What are our advantages over established lending platforms? To add, ETH users value more security.