Next chain : AVAX?

I think we should consider to expand to AVAX for the following reasons :

  • It’s the home of the BTC.b (OFT BTC built on LayerZero), which may be a safer asset than WBTC. That would allow to have BTC.b as collateral available
  • That’s a good chain with active Defi users and protocols
  • There is already a basecode available from protocol such as Trader Joe who are deployed both on Arbitrum and Avalanche and maybe we can use that

I also like Avalanche as a chain and ecosystem and it’s one that could see potential growth with a new game release called Shrapnel.

BTC.b is also my preferred BTC asset as you can go natively to the Bitcoin Blockchain from Avalanche.

While this would be nice, in terms of best use of the team’s resources/time, mainnet would be a better next chain to add in my opinion

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Would be better on Ethereum mainnet.

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