I build Telegram bot for track health factor on Radient

the MVP version is on Arbitrum ,not found any verify contract on BSC


your can follow any update on twitter

welcome for any feedback


Impressive bot for tracking lending positions! Ever considered enabling transactions when health factors hit triggers? With Protocolink, your bot could not just monitor but act. Interested in exploring this synergy?

that next step that I looking for but protocollink doesn’t support Radient?

As I know atm it’s need to hold user private key

That made I worry about security :face_with_peeking_eye:

Thanks for getting back!

Radiant Support: Yes, Protocolink does indeed support Radiant. Our documentation update is underway, but for now, you can see detailed integration examples here: https://github.com/dinngo/protocolink-js-sdk/tree/master/packages/api/examples/radiant-v2.

Private Key Concerns: I totally get the security considerations around holding private keys, especially in a Telegram bot environment. It seems like a challenge that needs a solution tailored to Telegram bots. While it’s outside of Protocolink’s domain, I’m curious to see how you’ll navigate this.

Let me know if you need any more information on Protocolink’s side or how we can assist further with the integration.

thank your i will try

I’m a New user and I am explorering now