Feature Request: Move DLP and Claim to Wallet

Hey everyone

I would like to gather opinions from other users on two quick features I’d like to see implemented in Radiant moving forward.

  1. Transfer locked DLP between wallets - One of the biggest drawbacks of long-term locks is that most platforms don’t allow you to move those locked positions between wallets. For example, if a user decided to increase their security and link a ledger with their metamask wallet, the ability to move their DLP position to that new wallet would be huge. Camelot offers a similar service for their locked NFT liquidity positions. If possible I would like to see two options for Radiant locked DLP positions:
  • Move single deposit to new wallet - users would be able to choose from a list of their deposits to move. This allows users a “test” transaction opportunity. The option to whitelist a wallet after a test transaction would also be helpful.
  • Move all positions to new wallet - pretty self-explanatory.
  1. Claim platform fees to wallet - It would be nice to choose to claim platform fees direct to wallet rather than direct to deposits in the RDNT platform.

I support this. You never know when something can go wrong in a year causing a user to move from a compromised wallet. Locked dLP being able to be transferred would be great.
Another option would be to transfer the entire account like GMX allows when needed in one click but as @pmcc said it does leave you vulnurable if your seed is compromised. I would think for most users a malicious contract is more likely than seed phrase loss.

Both options would be good but I’m not sure which is easier/safer to implement.

This needs to be talked about more! Very important idea