Enable Transfer of Locked DLP tokens to new Wallets

Make it possible to transfer your locked DLP to a new wallet. For anyone who’s wallet has been compromised it is important to be able to move your locked tokens, if they are being locked for 6months-1year.

This is an idea I have been contemplating for a while… I am not sure if this is technically possible but I support the idea. I have locked DLP for a long term and, in this period, I have interacted with too many new dapps and platforms using the same wallet.
I now would like to have the option to move my funds locked on Radiant to a new wallet and not having to worry about being exposed.

Not sure if possible either. My general idea is make a progress where you can burn DLP tokens to mint like a sDLP token that is able to be sent across wallets and then can only be swapped for DLP. (Similar to ETH &stETH).

Then can just make that you don’t earn any fees on the sDLP to make no benefit in holding it.

Just a thought that maybe devs could look into.

I support this idea.