Chain Expansion Survey - May 2024

Chain Expansion Survey - May 2024

Which other compelling blockchains should Radiant give serious consideration to?

Which chain(s) might see explosive growth over the next 12-18 months, and why?

Please pick up to 2 selections on the poll; feel free to respond with your comments and write-in choices, too!

Note: Certain components of the Radiant tech stack still do not support a few chains for at least another few months: Mantle (The Gragh), Blast (Snapshot), and Solana (Stargate, The Graph, and Snapshot)

Next chain?
  • Avalanche
  • Polygon
  • Base
  • Linea
  • Optimism
  • Other
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Mode, Solana and Base

Base and Solana for sure.

Mode and Avax are my top 2 choices. I think mode provides new growth potential on an op based chain with eco incentives from op/mode. Mode also provides sequencer fee sharing(sfs) which can be baked into contracts to provide extra sequencer rewards. Avax is a very efficient low cost modular L1. Which in addition has potential use case for subnets using radiant or any other token for gas while providing reduced gas cost and extremely fast finality, validator opportunities and other customizable evm preferences. Subnets also natively can allow for cross communication with other subnets providing a more seamless integration with any future potential protocols

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Zeta Chain :eyes:

I would also consider Mode

I also like Mode as an option.

I vote Base and Other, my other being zkSync mainly due to their impending Airdrop and the focus the chain and ecosystem will get post airdrop

:ok_hand: Nice Work!

Solana wouldn’t be compatible would it? Since it doesn’t run on the EVM?

Not for a few more months, it seems. Stargate, The Graph, and Snapshot still do not support atm