ARB airdrop for new dlp users 3rd snapshot

Hello Radiant Community,

I found out, that a lot of coomunity members (including me), locked its dlp for 12-months because of the radiant platform communication to be eigible for arb airdrop. After a few days, we realized, that the snapshot was taken, even if the communication on the platform still works. Lets discuss the solution - we are also rdnt hodlers, community members. That communication was misleading, caused the dlp locks to get additional community benefits communicated on the platform. In my opinion, all adresses that locked dlp until this communication is active on radiant platform should be eigible for arb airdrop.

Raidant wrote that second shapshot will be any chosen time without prior notification. So, anybody could miss it, anyway.

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All communication has been clear in their primary channels of communication. The Snapshot was said to be random, and I’ve made it a point to choose to participate by also choosing to constantly look for updates in the communications. Their office hours have also discussed this, as well as site changes and updates that are planned/underway. The UI is a big part of this. Maybe they could unlock your dLP as a one-time gesture, but I don’t see why this would entitle anyone to part of the ARB incentive that was decided via the random snapshots.