Addition of eETH as a lend/borrow market to the Arbitrum and Ethereum deployment of Radian Capital [temp check]

Abstract: Add weETH (wrapped eETH) from as a full collateral and borrow market to the Arbitrum and Ethereum deployment of Radiant Capital.

Motivation: This proposal seeks to introduce’s weETH, a liquid restaking token, into Radiant Capital’s platform. By doing so, it aims to expand the platform’s collateral options, enhancing both the diversity and the utility of the assets available to users. This will also allow for Radiant users to gain the ability to interact natively with EigenLayer, a premier ETH restaking protocol.

Integrating weETH aligns with a commitment to provide innovative and diverse crypto-financial services. weETH offers unique benefits as a decentralized and non-custodial liquid restaking token, providing a more stable and predictable collateral option. With these features, weETH offers a flexible and secure way to natively restake ETH while still being able to participate in the DeFi.

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• Github Page - etherfi-protocol · GitHub
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